AUDIO + VIDEO: Wiz Kamil – Zoneout Session (Nigerian Struggle)

Wiz Kamil - Zoneout Session (Nigerian Struggle)

DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Wiz Kamil – Zoneout Session (Nigerian Struggle)

Kamil Matthew popularly known as wiz Kamil Aka “Mickiller” A all round dope rapper is here telling a true life story about the ghetto , his always dope as usual this young artist got that fire in him and his not stopping until he burns down the industry with his vibes.. Kindly Connect with him on IG/Twitter : @iamwizkamil

From #WeDareYouToZoneOut auditions to the main stage.

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We dared @iamwizkamil To #ZoneOut, and this is his offering. “Yeah it’s the ghetto life that we living,

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if no be papa God we ain’t gonna be breathing,

bread and beans everyday is what we eating,

trigger flows check out the bullet that am spitting…” The power is in your hands. You decide.

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@iamwizkamil On #TheNigerianStruggle:

#Dope👍 Or #NotDope👎 #wizkamil #mickiller #newkidintheblock #godnodeysleep #DOPEER 👑🌟🔥💯


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