[Lyrics] 9ice – Promise And Fail

[Lyrics] 9ice - Promise And Fail

[Lyrics] 9ice - Promise And Fail

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Promise and fail awa mo ru e

Eti gbowo enyin elo yanju e

Boni seri omo ola ori be

Eni soko soja aba ra ile o

Promise and Fail

Awon jegudu jera Ole

Promise And Fail

Awon Jegugu Jera Ole


This is not the change that I voted for

This is not a game like a ps4

This is not the country Madiba vouch for

Tunji iwo lo gbowo fun

Owo egun iwo lo gbe fun

Kunle iwo lo powo

Iwo lopo wo la’gbole

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Ole to gori eshin oun da, oun da

Ole to gori eshin ton pon’wo, ton, ton fon wo ka

Eni mu epini nbe egbegberun la fi san



Gbogbo owo totin gba nibo lon kosi

Odabi puta panel ni josi

Same people different uniforms

Dem be Soldier Go Soldier Come

Mke dem show us the change all we see na the same

Election time is coming won ma ma parabulate

Tan ba wole tan nko won oni fun wa ni face

Agbada la ri everywhere for senate



Na one big party we deh operate

For our front dem go fight

But for back dem deh coporate

Fake fake trials full everywhere

if poor man steal food dem go cut him head

Killing going on here and there

Politicians stealing money everywhere

Make it simple make it unattractive

Se bon la won fe sin wa ni

Gomina ese ni 20k

Senator ese ni 30k

Presdient ese ni 50k

Kawa we ni tio para won

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